1838 Frances Possenti is born and baptised in Assisi, son of Sante and Agnus Possenti. He lives with a wet-nurse for a year.
1841 Family moves to Spoleto, his sister Rosa dies.
1842 His sister Adele dies.
1844 His mother dies.
1846 He is confirmed.
1848 His brother Paul dies.
1850 Begins studies at the Jesuit academy.
1851 He contracts a throat infection, during which he promises to enter the religious life.
1853 His brother Lawrence commits suicide in Rome, despite this his acedemic achievements continue.
1854 His father and teachers express concern about his excessive hunting expeditions. After being healed from a second throat infection through the prayers of he vows to become a Religious, is accepted by the Jesuits but does not enter.
1855 His sister Mary Louisa dies.
1856 During a procession of the ancient image of Our Lady in Spoleto he hears a voice telling him to enter the religious life. On September 6th he leaves for the Passionist novitiate. On September 21st he is given the Passionist habit and the name Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows.
1857 He finishes the novitiate and takes his vows as a Passionist.
1858 Studies theology and philosophy. Is transferred to Pietvetorina.
1859 In Isola del Gran Sasso he continues his studies for the priesthood.
1861 Brother Gabriel receives minor orders, his health deteriorates.
1862 On February 27th at 6:30 in the morning, Gabriel leaves this world.
1868 The first biography of Gabriel is published by a former classmate.
1891 The Passionists introduce the cause for his beatification.
1892 His body is exhumed in Isola del Gran Sasso and the people successfully campaign for his remains to stay there.
1908 Saint Pope Pius X declares Gabriel as Blessed.
1920 Pope Benedict XV canonises St. Gabriel on May 13 and declares him a model for young people.
1926 Pope Pius XI names him as patron of youth.
1959 Pope John XXIII names him as patron of Abruzzi.
1985 On June 30th Pope John Paul II + consecrates the new shrine.