A selection of images of St. Gabriel

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6 Responses to Gallery

  1. Mathews Jose says:

    All your works are very beautiful.Thanks a lot.

  2. barb finnegan says:

    I just found your site, via the Passionist nuns’ blog in Kentucky. Beautiful pictures of St. Gabriel-he’s one of my favorite Saints!
    I’ve seen the pictures of his shrine in that ugly new shrine church-why couldn’t they just leave things alone? I hate the thought that the reliquary was taken out of the crypt in the old church and put on display in the new one! That new shrine church is so cold-looking! There seems to be no beauty any more in church art and architecture-I like the old church better!
    Anyway-happy belated Feast of St. Gabriel! And it’s the start of the 150th anniversary commemoration of his holy death! I love it!

  3. barb finnegan says:

    Nice pictures in the gallery-there were quite a few that I’ve never seen before!
    St. Gabriel is one of my favorite Saints! I have three biographies of him in my personal library. I’ve been to Assisi, Italy (his birthplace) four times, and on my last visit in 1983 I saw the font in San Rufino Cathedral where he was baptized.

  4. Saldanha Nicodeme says:

    Wonderful pictures. I found one message here in every Image, Saint tells me ” its not too late…. still you can start virtuous life, I too failed couple of times… Look Forward…”
    Im Forty yrs old now and I’ll start now.

  5. In a brief space my Lord has led me to learn of the lives of St. Gemma Galgani, and now St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows. I thank God for this grace and ask their intercession as I try to live my life for God.

  6. JOEY NOBLE says:

    St.Gabriel has granted me many graces since my youth I have his relic and cherish it .

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