Truth of the ‘Gun Saint’?

A campaign is under way in the United States to have Saint Gabriel declared patron of hand-gunners. This is in reference to an apocryphal story which has the saint rescuing the town of Isola from marauding bandits, using the skills from hunting he had learnt as a boy. Whilst this story is mentioned in one biography of the saint, [1] the author admits that some of the accounts in his book were invented to “enliven” the story.[2] No account of the alleged event is present in an other independently researched biography of the saint [3][4][5][6] , in particular early sources of the saint’s life make no mention of it [7][8][9]  making such an incident seem unlikely. Moreover at the time of the alleged incident (1860) Gabriel was in the later stages of tuberculosis making such a strenuous exercise impossible for one in such a condition.[10] The author has been in contact with several biographers of Saint Gabriel and in private correspondence they have all expressed that the event did not take place.


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